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Remedy Kit by Tjado Galic 1g 104 pcs

Remedy Kit by Tjado Galic 1g 104 pcs

This emergency kit contains 104 remedies as recommended by Tjado Galic, originating from his personal experience. C200 Dunham potencies have proven highly effective and highly specific especially in acute situations. In cases where there are no Dunham remedies, handpotentized 200CH after original prescript can be found.

About 80% of all occurring emergencies, e.g.

  • feverish sicknesses,
  • acute states of pain,
  • states of exhaustion

and many more symptoms can be handled in out-patient care for a wide scope of patients (pregnant women, infants, children, adults).  The Tjado Galic 104-rx Kit has been special designed for this purpose. The selection of the C200 Dunham potencies as base remedies has been tested as highly efficient and highly specific especially in acute situations. In those cases where there are no Dunham remedies, the set offers remedies prepared by hand in 200CH after original prescript.

The arrangement of drugs allows the homeopath to efficiently care for patients with severe crisis during chronic therapy as well as acute illnesses, especially during the weekends, holidays and late hours, and has grown out over eight years of medical practice. 

Patients also can buy this set on recommendation of their treating homeopath. Selection and prescription of the remedies should always be done by professional homeopaths within supervision and therapy of their patients.

Recommended Cases:

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Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
104 Remedies
Acidum arsenicosum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum carbolicum C 200
Acidum nitricum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum phosphoricum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum silicicum (Dunham) C3 200
Aconitum (Dunham) C3 200
Aethusa (Dunham) C3 200
Agaricus (Dunham) C3 200
Alumina (Dunham) C3 200
Apis mellifica C 200
Argentum nitricum C 200
Arisaema triphyllum C 200
Arnica montana C 200
Artemisia abrotanum C 200
Artemisia cina (Dunham) C3 200
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