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Remedia Downloads

For your convenience we have collected our most important documents to download  


 Homeopathic remedy index (PDF)

Our remedy index contains all our homeopathic remedies and potencies. 


 Homeopathic remedies by groups (PDF)

List of homeopathic remedies sorted by groups.


Homeopathic remedies for animals (PDF)

List of homeopathic remedies for animals


Remedia Downloads Scholten Remedies A-Z (PDF)

List of Scholten Remedies in alphabetical order including links to our online store as well as Sholten ID and Scholten families.


  Fax order form (PDF)

Order convenient in our online store and enjoy advantages like order history or an address book for different delivery addresses. However, it's also possible to order via fax or email. Please be diligent in providing all necessary information so we can fulfill your order in a timely manner.