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New homeopathic remedies 2023

New homeopathic remedies 2023

Remedia Homöopathie constantly expands their product range of homeopathic remedies. Here you can find a list of homeopathic medicines that have been added in the last few months.

Different potency grades can be produced on request.


Remedy Name Production Date (DD.MM.YYYY)
Cheiroglossa palmata 20.03.2023
Syngonanthus chrysanthus 20.03.2023
Doryopteris cordifolia 20.03.2023
Asplenium dimorphum 18.03.2023
Blechnum gibbum 18.03.2023
Tectaria hilocarpa 16.03.2023
Asplenium nidus 16.03.2023
Mickelopteris cordata 16.03.2023
Asplenium boltonii 13.03.2023
Angiopteris pruinosa 07.03.2023
Dicksonia youngiae 07.03.2023
Campyloneurum phyllitidis 07.03.2023
Cibotium schiedei 06.03.2023
Kerriodoxa elegans 06.03.2023
Pittosporum crassifolium 06.03.2023
Heliconia aurantiaca 03.03.2023
Kalanchoe schimperiana 03.03.2023
Crassula sladenii 03.03.2023
Digitalis canariensis 02.03.2023
Crassula intermedia 02.03.2023
Crassula rupestris 02.03.2023
Ganoderma tsugae 27.02.2023
Thamnolia vermicularis 16.01.2023


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