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Homeopathic medicines by Remedia

The aim of homeopathic medicines is healing, not merely to combat individual symptoms or suppress them. The way homeopathic remedies are produced is still largely the same as 200 years ago, when they were developed by Samuel Hahnemann. 

For more than 20 years Remedia Homeopathy has been focusing on the individual production of homeopathic remedies. Up to potency C200, potentiation is done by hand in the single glass method. The name Remedia stands for homeopathic medicines of the highest quality. 


Workshop Schedule

Directory of homeopathy seminars in Austria and Germany. A new seminar can be submitted directly in the seminar calendar. After an examination the seminar will be activated.  


In our "Frequently Asked Questions" section we have not only answered questions about homeopathy, but also about shipping and our online shop. 


Worldwide homeopathic news for you!  

Directory of Homeopathic Doctors

Find doctors and therapists in your area who are specialized in the field of homeopathy.