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What is Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a tried and tested healing method founded more than 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). His goal was to heal as a whole, not just to fight illness by supressing the symptoms individually.

  • Follows strict practice guidelines when implemented.
  • Simile principle
  • Uses remedies mainly derived from living natural resources (plants, animals) and minerals, which are extracted according to strict regulations by a pharmacist. These are shaken step by step or pulverized respectively. A pharmacist following the classical methods uses individual remedies, not mixtures. He or she may work with remedies they deem the most suitable (Simile principle), as if it were a "key" which is capable of unlocking a "door" to the root of the problem/illness.
  • Heals the person as a whole!
    The most compatible remedy can only be discovered if the patient is treated as a whole and all the symptoms taken into account.
  • Strives to make the most of our healthy reserves; only what is strong and healthy in us can benefit from this healing process. The Homeopathic Doctor should encourage you with this, helping you, to discover for yourself, what is best for you so that you may be able to centre yourself again.
  • Using this principle allows us to set boundries in Homeopathy; if the previously defined reserves do not  exist, or an organ failure is iminent, or even completely destroyed, then Homeopathy can only be implemented as an accompanyment to the illness but exclusively to healing it.
  • This method is most cost effective; if you compare to the time and effort invested in its production, Homeopathic remedies are absolutely economical. The medical fee of your Doctor reflects the time and effort spent during an extensive discussion or be it a painstaking check-up to find the suitable remedy bearing in mind that hospital treatments and even an operation, costs considerably more.


For more detailed information, please contact a Pharmacist specialising in Homeopathy or a Homeopathic Doctor directly.