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Video Clips

Videos & Short Movies

Browse through videos of Remedia Homeopathy! We offer both information videos on the subject of homeopathy and short films on the extraction of raw materials for homeopathic medicines.

You can also accompany Mag. Robert Müntz on his travels in search of new raw materials.


Remedia Homeopathy (Language: German)


Mag. Robert Müntz shows the milking of skanes to obtain their poison for remedies. Also included is a Trimeresurus albolabris (white-lipped pit viper), aCrotalus mitchelli mitchelli (rattlesnake) and a Bitis gabonica (Gaboon viper)
(Contribution by BKF, 2012) 


Milking of snakes 


Die Homöopathie eine Alternative? (Deutsch) 


 Homeopathy an alternative? (English)


In Search of New Medicines - Namibia 2008 (German)


Discovering new homeopathic remedies - Namibia 2008 (English) 


Aurum Hahnemanni (Deutsch) 


 Aurum Hahnemanni (English)


The Korsakoff machine by Remedia 


 Milking the mamba - Dendroaspis viridis


Milking a rattle snake


 Milking a Scorpions


 Pandinus imperator



Poecilotheria fasciata - Spider bite


Citrullus colocynthis - Bitter apple


Bufo rana - Use in homeopathy


Pele's Hair 




 Sepia Homöopathie

Travel through the USA with the gyrocopter


Gyrocopter flight on the American news


Jungle camp for homeopaths




Amazonas Moskito spray


Science and homeopathy (German)


Jungle camp for homeopaths II