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Little Pellets with Huge Impact

Who doesn't know the little white sugar pellets known as globules? So small and yet so effective - that is what the advocates of homeopathy agree on. Arnica montana gives relief with injuries, Euphrasia helps in the pollen season, or Nux vomica when the stomach rebels - globules help many sick people.

Even though critics of homeopathy insist that there is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines, experience teaches something completely different.


Poison or Antidote?

Even in the old days it was known, that some illnesses are caused by poison which is accumulated over the years in one's body. Healers hoped to find antidotes or divert the poison. However, Samuel Hahnemann who founded homeopathy in 1796, was of opposite opinion. He phrased the law of similars, the foundation of homeopathy. It states that likes can be cured with likes. ("Similia similibus curentur".)

Already a tiny dosage of a specific irritant stimulates the body's defenses to heal a more severe condition.  Homeopathic globules are supposed to activate the immune system. However, this principle only works if the chosen drug causes similar symptoms in a healthy person than in a sick person. 

A somewhat simplified example: Someone suffers from insomnia, exaggerated nervousness, racing thoughts and has palpitations and nervous tremors. Then Coffea tosta (homeopathic preparation of coffee) could be helpful, because excessive consumption of coffee leads to very similar symptoms.


Globules - less is more

Another peculiarity of homeopathy in addition to the principle of similarity, is the fact that less is more in treatment. Provided the right homeopathic remedy has been individually tailored to the existing complaints, tiny amounts of the irritant are enough to induce the body to perform a healing counter-attack. This is also the main point of attack for skeptics, who argue that if there is nothing left of the original medicine, it can no longer work. What is overlooked, however, is the special way of producing homeopathic globules. Well-known scientists see it as an opportunity to transfer the information contained in the source substance to the globules.


Information Heals 

Homeopathic remedies are produced in a certain process, they are "potentiated" (from the Latin potentia - the power). The principle of potentiation consists in the step-by-step processing of the starting substances. It is assumed that this special production method means that information is transferred from the starting substance to the homeopathic medicine.

There are different types of potentiation, which are identified by letters - D, C, FC, K, Q or LM. A number after the letter stands for the number of exponentiation steps. For example, Belladonna C30 means, that belladonna extract was subjected to 30 potentiating steps, each of which was shaken 10 times and diluted at the ratio 1:100.


What are Globules? 

As the Latin name suggests (globules = Latin plural for beads), globules are small scattering beads, usually made from ordinary household sugar (cane sugar, sucrose), to which a homeopathically active substance is applied. The amount of sugar is so small that the intake is safe for diabetics. Since milk sugar is not used in the production of globules, it can also be safely taken by people with lactose intolerance.

Depending on the potency of the homeopathic remedy, there are different globule sizes (1.3 to 6 mm). Globules are particularly popular with children for whom homeopathic drops are unsuitable due to their alcohol content. Children usually don't mind taking the little sugar pellets, whereas they often refuse to take other medicine. 

Globules are very light and can therefore be transported very easily. 1g corresponds to about 500 pieces of size 1 globules.

The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB) describes the manufacturing rules of homeopathic medicines very precisely. These rules are binding for all manufacturers.


What Needs to be Considered with Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathy is made to measure. This means that only individually selected medicine can actually give the desired impetus to recovery. Therefore, advice from an experienced homeopath should be obtained. Nevertheless, a homeopathic do-it-yourself book can help with minor injuries or uncritical acute illnesses. You will find valuable tips on the Remedia homepage.


Globules - Correct Dosage

Usually one dose consists of 3-5 globules. This dose can be repeated several times in acute cases and applies equally to children and adults. Since information is transmitted with the help of homeopathic medicines, it makes no sense - and also no additional effect - to take excessive doses. If there is no noticeable improvement after a few days, the advice of an experienced homeopath should always be sought.

If high potencies are taken (e.g. those with more than 30 potentiation steps) and if homeopathic medicines are taken too often or for too long, undesirable effects may be experienced. Therefore, expert advice should also be sought here.


Shelf Life of Globules

The shelf life of globules is 5 years, but we would like to point out that historical medicinal preparations from before 1900 still have powerful effects (Dunham, Boericke & Tafel, etc.).


Different Homeopathic Globule Sizes

Globules size 8 HAB 2018 5 pc/g   Sucrose
Globules size 5 HAB 2018     Sucrose
Globules size 3 HAB 2018 110 – 130 pc/g C-Potencies
Globules size 2 HAB 2018     Sucrose
Globules size  1 HAB 2018 470 – 530 pc/g LM-Potencies Sucrose
Microspheres Org 6 1600 pc/g Q-Potencies Sucrose/Starch
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