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About Us

Remedia Homeopathy - homeopathic remedies manufactory

Remedia Homeopathy stands for 260 years of the art of healing. What began in 1760 as a small family pharmacy, is today an ultra modern undertaking with more than fifty employees.

The production of highly effective medicines, made using our own formulas, the constant striving for the new and improved, the love of science and research, have all left their mark on Remedia over the centuries.

20 years ago, when Homeopathy was still at its "teething stage" in many places, a new page was turned in the success story of Remedia; the individual, made to measure production of homeopathic substances and medicines was born. Our name also stands for the highest quality at an international level. 5500 homeopathic remedies are available at Remedia

Top quality following the practices used by Samuel Hahnemann is our main goal. High quality materials and the most modern methods of production guarantee and underline these high standards.

Our own employees are involved with collecting the raw materials, such as plants, toxins and minerals, these are then prepared in our laboratories where their quality is checked and they are activated.

6500 homeopathic remedies
are available at Remedia

Top quality in the production of homeopathic remedies according to Hahnemann is our ultimate goal. High-quality raw materials and the most modern production methods guarantee this quality.

Our employees collect raw materials such as plants, poisons and minerals. They get tested in our in-house laboratory for their quality and afterwards processed. That way we can document and oversee the whole process of globule production and ensure highest quality. 


Remedia Service:


A Quarter Millennium...

The Team Santé Salvator Pharmacy has been supporting the citizens of Eisenstadt in health matters for 260 years.

Company History

May 1st, 1760
As of May 1st, the pharmacist Franz Gottlieb Fröhlich pays taxes for his newly etablished pharmacy, which was called "To The Golden Crown", at the time.

May 1st, 1761
Prince Paul II Anton employs 29 year old Joseph Haydn as vice orchestra master.

Franz Anton Fröhlich takes over the pharmacy after his fathers (Franz Gottlieb Fröhlich) death.

November 12th, 1766
During a visit of the Pharmacy, the Doctor in the commission reports; "all the medications were of good quality and fresh, in plentiful supply and meticulously conserved". 
(Source: Kurt Ryslavy, Materials to the Pharmacies and Pharmacists of Burgenland)

August 2nd, 1768
Large parts of downtown Eisenstadt near the convent and Franciscan monastery burnt down.

Concession of the Pharmacy in Main Street 4, Eisenstadt

November 22nd, 1793
Franz Anton Fröhlich dies

Fröhlich's heirs sell the pharmacy to Wendelin Praeter.

April 7th, 1821
The pharmacy is accquired by Paul Stuhler.

February 28th, 1856
The Pharmacy receives a new name: "Zum Salvator".

The Pharmacy obtains it's current name: "Salvator Apotheke".

June 12th, 1912
The Salvator Pharmacy is acquired by Mag. Geza Holle.
Holle's great-grandson Robert Müntz still runs the company. 

July 1985
Robert Müntz begins to make his own homeopathic remedies in the pharmacy's laboratory.

Robert Müntz takes over the pharmacy from his parents

The pharmacy is renovated and re-built. A state of the art homeopathic lab is constructed. 

The new company Remedia Homeopathty GmbH is founded as subsidiary of Salvator Pharmacy. Mag. Robert Müntz stays in charge of Remedia, while his wife Sabine Müntz takes leadership of Salvator Pharmacy. 

The pharmacy expands and remodels 

The year 2010 marked the 250th anniversary of Salvator Pharmacy. 

A new homeopathic laboratory in is built in the Technology Center complex in Eisenstadt

Robert Müntz becomes a licensed bowed and string instrument builder. He has handcrafted concert guitars and harpsichords. 

August 2019
Our Team Santé Salvator Pharmacy moves to the newly remodeld and much bigger showroom at Hauptstrasse 6 in Eisenstadt.