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In case of serious illnesses a doctor needs to be called immediately and first aid needs to be provided.
Supportive remedies cannot replace medical treatment. 

1g globules size 1 contains 470-530 globules.

1g globules size 3 enthält 110-130 globules.

1g globules size 5 enthält 40-50 globules.

1g globules size 8 enthält 5 globules.

C and D potencies are prepared with globules of size 3, which means that in a 10g bottle of globules there are 1100-1300 globules.
LM potencies are made with size 1 globules, which means that in a 10g bottle of globules there are 4700-5300 pieces of globules.

Some of our potencies are also available in globules jars of 0.1g. This then corresponds to 10-15 globules of size 3.

Yes, all globules offered by Remedia Homeopathy are lactose-free and gluten-free and can therefore also be taken in case of intolerance. 

Information in our webshop is usually given in roman numerals. Please see below example on how to convert to numerical syntax:

numerical  roman numerals
1.000  1M
10.000 10M oder XM 
50.000  50M oder LM
100.000 100M oder CM 
500.000  500M oder DM 
1.000.000  1MM 


We have remedies from the time of Hahnemann which are still effective after about 150 years. However, our homeopathic remedies have to be provided with an expiry date by law. 

Homeopathic remedies should never be exposed to the blazing sun or heat above 40°C. They must be kept dry and protected from moisture.

Even though it is hardly possible to completely shield the remedies from radiation sources, the remedies should not be exposed to radiation unnecessarily. For example, storage next to the WLAN router is not recommended.

After taking homeopathic remedies, acute illnesses can lead to an increase in characteristic symptoms, but the general condition should improve.

This is a sign that the remedy has been chosen correctly, but that the potency or intervals of intake should be changed. In this case the recommendation of the therapist or pharmacist should be obtained.

Antidotes are homeopathic remedies that cancel each other out in their effect. For almost every homeopathic remedy, there are one or more other homeopathic remedies that have an antidote effect. A homeopath must therefore know about these interactions and take them into account when choosing a remedy.

A constitutional remedy is the characteristic remedy of the individual person and is mainly used for chronic diseases.
Through the administration of the appropriate constitutional remedy, the patient will regain his or her physical, mental and spiritual balance and the general well-being will improve.
Constitutional remedies are usually administered in high potencies and can often accompany the person for decades.

Complex remedies contain several homeopathic remedies.
Such preparations are often found among the ready-to-use medicines, where different medicines are mixed to cover a wider range of complaints with one remedy (e.g. cough drops or drops for stomach and intestinal complaints). These are often used for uncritical complaints of laymen, but should not be used for a long period of time.

In some cases, therapists also use complex remedies, but these are usually specially formulated and prescribed for the patient concerned. An example would be a mixture of drugs to stimulate the elimination of toxins.

A special form of the complex remedy is the potency chord. Here a remedy is contained in different potencies (Arnica C12, C30 and C200 in Remasan®)

In homeopathy, "potency" is the degree of dilution of the remedy.

The letter indicates the dilution ratio under which the potency series is produced, while the Arabic numeral indicates the number of potency steps.

For example, the decimal potency D4 has been diluted four times in a ratio of 1:10 and has been dynamized by 10 shaking strokes at each step.

C-potencies, (centesimal, from Latin centum for 100) are processed in the ratio 1:100.

LM-potencies and Q-potencies are potentiated in steps of 50,000.
(LM Quinquaginta Mille, 50,000 in roman numbers in multiplication notation Q Quinquagintamillesimal potency = 50,000)

As the number of potentiation steps increases, the content of the initial substance in the remedy decreases, but its energetic value is increased by repeated dynamization.

The most common potency levels in homeopathy are called standard potencies. Mostly these are remedies in the potencies: C12, C30, C200, C1000 as well as D12, D30, D200.

A large part of homeopathic remedies is derived from herbal raw materials. However, there are also remedies made from mineral or animal substances. Metals can also serve as the basis for homeopathic remedies.

Anamnesis is a detailed conversation with the doctor in which the patient's medical history is determined. Physical and psychological constitutional, biographical, social and environmental factors are taken into account. Based on the anamnesis, the homeopathic physician can gain an individual picture of the patient and choose the right medication.

Nosodes are homeopathic remedies that are produced from diseased or pathological material (blood, pus, cancer cells, secretions etc.) or the pathogen itself (bacteria or virus). All source materials are sterilized and killed before they are homeopathically prepared to exclude a possible risk of infection.

The administration of drugs from nosodes is intended to stimulate the self-healing powers of the diseased person in order to achieve an improved defence against the pathogen, or to enable complete healing after the disease has been overcome.


Link zu... Further information about nosodes at Remedia


Inherited or acquired basic diseases that can limit the effect of homeopathic remedies are called miasms. These deep-seated weaknesses in the body make the patient susceptible to certain diseases and disease courses. Experienced homeopaths often take these aspects into account when choosing their homeopathic treatment.

A homeopathic drug trial is a study in which healthy test persons participate. They take unknown remedies and document all symptoms that occur. The study director collects, arranges them hierarchically and publishes the symptoms. The process of a drug trial from start to finish can take up to two years. If sufficient test results have been collected, a so-called drug profile can be created.

Remedia has a lot of homeopathic drug pictures in it's collection, you can find them in our encyclopedia.

(Note: Please also check our german page if you are looking for a specific drug picture. Our german Lexikon has a lot more entries, and you may be able to translate the page you need via an online translation tool. Our encyclopedia in english language is still under construction.)


Unfortunately, we can't produce placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, etc. globules.

The processing of patient material is subject to special strict hygienic regulations, which we cannot fulfil. You need a special permit and a laboratory that is suitable for this.

Engraftment is essentially the process of dissolving a medicated globule in alcohol and using this liquid to impregnate a certain amount of neutral globules. The newly created globules are attributed the same potency level as that of the original medicine.

The technique of casting is used in Remedia homeopathy to make duplicates of historical remedies of e.g. Fincke or Dunham for dispensing.

In the Remedia Online Shop you can often find a reference to Fincke or Dunham next to the drug name. Bernhardt Maximilian Fincke and Carroll Dunham were very well-known and important homeopaths in their time.

Mag. Müntz was able to acquire original homeopathic remedies from Dunham and Fincke, which are now used as raw material for some remedies offered in our online store. In order to identify these exclusive historical remedies, the name (Dunham) or (Fincke) is given in brackets next to the remedy name. 

Attention: "Fincke" and "Dunham" remedies work differently than "regular" remedies. Please talk to a homeopathic professional before ordering or taking "Fincke" and/or "Dunham" remedies. 

Granules (ital. Granuli) and globules differ in size.

Granules have a diameter of 3mm (20 granules/gram). 5 pellets are recommended as a single dose.

Globules come in different sizes, but Remedia Homeopathy uses mainly globules size 3 (110-130 globules/gram). As a single dose 5 pellets are recommended. Also globules size 1 (470-530 globules/gram), as well as microglobules are used.

If one treats a disease not with a substance that produces similar symptoms, but with the actual disease trigger, it is strictly speaking not a homeopathic treatment but isopathy.

The remedies for the treatment of side effects or consequences of orthodox medicines or vaccinations are therefore isopathic remedies.

A homeopathic remedy must not be taken if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to the active ingredient or the named other ingredients of this medication.

Our homeopathic medicines contain alcohol (dilution) or sucrose (globules). If you know that you suffer from intolerance to the medicine, please take the remedy only after consulting your doctor.

Immediately before and after taking a homeopathic remedy you should not eat or drink anything. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your therapist, doctor or pharmacist.

Remedies are provided, according to their type, with or without directions for use. For medicines that are approved with indication, you will find the directions for use in the box.

For all other remedies, the information is available in the webshop.

The amount, frequency and length of use depend on your individual symptoms. Consult your doctor or pharmacist and ask for your specific dosage information. The following information is general therapy recommendations, unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist:

A single dose usually consists of 5 globules or 5 drops of dilution - melt under the tongue or drip under the tongue.

up to C6/D6: up to 3 or 4x daily 5 globules / 5 drops

C12/D12: 1 to 2x daily 5 globules / 5 drops

C30/D30: 2 to 3x a week 5 globules / 5 drops

High potencies (LM potencies and C potencies from the potency C200) should be taken, except for proven cases, only after consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although they are rare.

There are no known side effects.
If you notice any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Please contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have taken a larger amount of the homeopathic remedy than recommended.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you suspect you may be pregnant or intend to become pregnant, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine.

In any case, children up to the age of one should be treated only after consulting a doctor.

In general the use of globules is suitable for diabetics. However, to be on the safe side, the blood glucose level should still be closely monitored.

Animals respond relatively quickly and well to homeopathic remedies.

In conversation with the pet owner, a medical history is taken for the animal in order to find the right remedy. The remedies used do not differ from those taken by humans, neither in the way they are made nor in their quality.

Remedia Homeopathy has a wide range of veterinary remedies in the online store.

If an improvement can be observed, the remedy should not be repeated but discontinued. The remedy needs time to to take effect.

If there is no improvement within a reasonable period of time, the remedy is not suitable, a homeopath or pharmacist should be consulted.

In case of the same symptoms, 5 globules of the product must be dissolved and drunken in single sips approx. every quarter of an hour until improvement occurs. If there is no lasting improvement, a homeopath should be consulted.

Please talk to a doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine.
As a matter of principle, prolonged treatment with a homeopathic medicine should be controlled by a doctor experienced in homeopathy.

As soon as possible, the earlier an impulse for self-healing is given, the less one has to expect symptoms of illness or complications.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or using any other medicines, have recently taken or used any other medicines, or plan to take or use any other medicines.

Any change in dose or discontinuation of medications already prescribed must be discussed with the attending physician.

Under no circumstances should other medications be discontinued without authorization.

There are no known interactions.

The homeopathic energy of the globules can be absorbed particularly efficiently via the oral mucosa. Globules should be taken 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing teeth. Coffee, essential oils (e.g. in toothpastes), some teas or e.g. lozenges interfere with the absorption of the homeopathic information.

The mucous membrane of the mouth should therefore be clean and free of food residues or toothpaste.

Potentized vaccines are homeopathic remedies made from conventional vaccines. Potentized vaccines are often used to accompany conventional medical vaccination so that undesirable side effects or long-term consequences do not occur in the first place. A potentized vaccine is not an effective prophylaxis. 

Please note that the drug group of potentized vaccines is not suitable for self-treatment, and their use must absolutely be under the supervision of an experienced therapist.

 Read more on this topic 

Our medicinal products are intended as finished medicinal products exclusively for dispensing to patients. It is not permitted to use our finished medicinal products as a starting material for any further production.

Orders can be placed with us easy and fast in our online shop. To place an order in our online shop, the following information is required: Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and date of birth (required by law).

We also accept orders by fax (+43 2682 63919) or e-mail ( For fax/e-mail orders we need the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Name of the drug
  • potency level
  • Quantity
  • Globules or Dilution

Here you can download our fax order form order form.


Aufgrund einer Gesetzesänderung ist es uns leider nicht mehr möglich, alle Arzneien direkt an Privatpersonen in Österreich zu versenden. Registrierte Mittel dürfen direkt an Privatkunden gesendet werden, magistrale Arzneien können nur über eine Apotheke abgegeben werden.
Wir bitten Sie, magistrale Arzneien über eine Apotheke ihres Vertrauens bei uns zu bestellen zu lassen. 

For orders from Germany we need a prescription for the following groups of drugs:

  • homeopathic medicinal products of animal, human or microbial origin
  • Nosodes
  • Hormones
  • Mushrooms
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccines

Since all homeopathic remedies of animal, human or microbial origin, as well as hormones, fungi, antibiotics and vaccines are not covered by the exemption of § 38 (German AMG), it is necessary for us to send them to patients (private individuals) in Germany only on the instructions of a therapist. This results in an individual single request for the drug, which can be delivered by our pharmacy in distance selling.

There is no connection with a "prescription requirement" of a drug in Germany, but (as mentioned above) it is due to the fact that our drugs are not registered in Germany and therefore it is necessary for us to request an instruction from the therapist for certain drugs.

As orders with a prescription are customised, there is no central pharmaceutical number for the medicines ordered.

The exact shipping costs depend on the weight of your order and are calculated and displayed directly in the shopping cart. The shipping time is a guide value of the shipping service provider.

(Shipping within Austria and within the EU is free of charge if medicines with a value of at least EUR 60,- are ordered).

Shipping costs to Austria
pick up Herba from EUR 0,00 shipping time 1-2 weekdays
pick up Kwizda from EUR 0,00 shipping time 1-2 weekdays
pick up Phönix from EUR 3,30 shipping time 1-2 weekdays
Post from EUR 5,50 Versanddauer k.A.
GLS from EUR 4,40 shipping time 2-3 weekdays
DHL Express* from EUR 12,10 shipping time 1 day


Shipping costs to Germany
DHL standard from EUR 5,83 shipping time 2-3 weekdays
GLS from EUR 6,55 shipping time 2-3 weekdays
DHL Express* from EUR 13,09 shipping time 1-2 weekdays


Shipping Costs Italy
UPS from EUR 7,70 shipping time 2-3 weekdays
DHL Express* from EUR 16,50 shipping time 1-2 weekdays


Shipping Costs Hungary
UPS from EUR 6,64 shipping time 2-3 weekdays
DHL Express* from EUR 15,75 shipping time 1 weekday

* Express shipping is always subject to a charge, even if the remedies order value of EUR 60,- is exceeded. Dilutions and books cannot be shipped with DHL Express.

Find here the list of all our countries of delivery and shipping costs

Remedia Homeopathy currently supplies homeopathic remedies to 210 countries: 

American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
British Virgin Islands
Brunei Darussalam
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde Islands
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
Cook Islands
Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Fiji Islands
French Guyana
French Polynesia
Great Britain
Hong Kong
Ivory Coast
Marshall Islands
Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts-Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Svalbard (Spitsbergen)
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United Arab Emirates
United States Virgin Islands
Vatican City (Holy See)
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Western Sahara


Books and homeopathic accessories can be shipped to the following countries:

  • Costa Rica
  • China
  • Estonia
  • Iran
  • Russia
  • USA

Please note: we cannot deliver homeopathic remedies to the countries mentioned above.

Before ordering, please check the customs and import regulations of your delivery country. We do not take any responsibility for import fees and customs duties.

Normally our goods leave the company within 1 to 2 working days. At peak times (e.g. before Christmas), the processing of incoming orders may take a little longer, but not more than 7 business days. 

Express orders received by 12.00 noon are delivered to the vendor on the same work day. 

There is no minimum order value for your order in the Remedia online shop. 

If your order of homeopathic remedies exceeds the value of EUR 60,- shipping within the EU will be free. 

(Note: Products such as books, accessories, etc. do not count towards the exempt amount, here the value of the medicines ordered is calculated).

Unfortunately we cannot offer free shipping for express shipments. 

The delivery address and the billing address do not have to match. If you are rarely at home, we can deliver your order to another place of your choice. To do this, please enter the delivery address you require in our online shop under the right section.

However, parcels cannot be sent to postal partners, pick-up stations or post office boxes. 

For legal reasons it is not possible to send to P.O. box addresses, postal partners or pick-up stations.

Of course you can pick up your order directly from us:

Mag. pharm. Magdalena Müntz KG
Hauptstraße 4-6
AT-7000 Eisenstadt

Opening hours: MO-FR: 8.00-18.00 and SA: 8.00-12.00

Of course there is no delivery fee if you pick up your order at our pharmacy. 

Please contact us if your order has not arrived within 5 business days of receiving the shipping confirmation. We will take care of your request immediately!

Please use the most convenient way to contact us:

  • use our contact form
  • contact us by email at
  • call our customer service hotline:
    +43 2682 622 20 66
    (Mon-Thu 8:00 to 4:00 and Fri 8:00 to 1:00)

Drugs are excluded from exchange, as they must be disposed of after return for legal reasons. In individual cases a return on goodwill may be possible.

As an end consumer, you have a full right of exchange and return for products such as cases, boxes, etc. within 10 days of receive of the goods. Excluded are orders under 20,00 EUR.

The goods must be returned in unused condition and in original packaging. Please note the reason for the complaint on the delivery note/invoice and enclose it with the complaint.

We point out that returns must be sufficiently stamped, the costs for the return shipment will be borne by you. 

If a package is damaged upon receipt, please complain to the deliverer immediately and have the damage inspected on site. Only then we can regulate the damage.

If your shipment is incomplete, incorrect or damaged, we apologize for any inconvenience caused! 

Please contact our customer service with your request so that we can find a satisfactory solution as soon as possible. 

You can use our contact form, write us an email ( or contact us by phone:

+43 2682 622 20 66
(Mon-Thu 8:00-16:00 and Fri 8:00-14:00)

If a parcel is damaged upon receipt, please complain to the delivery agent immediately and have the damage inspected on site. Only then we can regulate the damage.


Depending on the chosen method of payment, the amount will be credited (e.g. invoice) or transferred back (credit card). 

Shipping per mail cannot harm your homeopathic remedies. 

No, Remedia does not produce and ship homeopathic remedies on public holidays. Please see below the dates our company is closed:

Vacanze legali 2024
01 gennaio: Capodanno
06 gennaio: Epifania
01 aprile: Lunedì di Pasqua
01 maggio: Festa del lavoro
09 maggio: Ascensione
30 maggio: Lunedì di Pentecoste
15 agosto: Assunzione della Vergine Maria
26 ottobre: Festa nazionale austriaca
01 novembre: Ognissanti
08 dicembre: Immacolata Concezione
24 dicembre: Vigilia di Natale
25 dicembre: Giorno di Natale
26 dicembre: Santo Stefano
31 dicembre: Capodanno

We offer the following payment options, organized by country. 

Austria bank transfer, credit card, PayPal
Germany bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, direct payment
Hungary bank transfer, credit card, PayPal
Italy credit card, PayPal, direct payment
Slovakia credit card, PayPal, direct payment
France credit card, PayPal, direct payment
Spain credit card, PayPal, direct payment
Netherlands credit card, PayPal, direct payment
Belgium credit card, PayPal, direct payment


All other countries can choose between payment by credit card or PayPal. 

Bank account Austria: 
Bank: Oberbank AG
IBAN: AT62 1500 0041 6116 3680

Bank account Hungary:
HUF Bank: Raiffeisenbank Sopron
Account: 12094002-00149315-00100000

Please enter your order number in the "reason for payment" field so that we can allocate your payment correctly. 

Payments via PayPal are free of charge for the customer. After a one-time registration the financial data can be filed with Paypal, so your payment information will not be forwarded to us. 

For payments via PayPal please use the following e-mail address:

Some credit card companies have implemented the 3D-Secure procedure for their customers security. Customers have to confirm their electronic payments with an additional password, TAN or fingerprint. 

At Visa, the 3D Secure procedure is called "Verified by Visa"; at Mastercard, it is called "Mastercard Identity Check". 

A new EU directive stipulates that customers must identify themselves twice for all electronic payments starting December 2020. Only payments below EUR 30,- may be exempted from this procedure, the respective financial service provider may decide whether strong authentication is required for small amounts.

Remedia Homöopathie GmbH has no influence on the double identification. When paying by credit card, a secure connection is established to the financial service provider, who requests the necessary information. 

When registering on our website, you can, among other things, save your billing and delivery address, and view your previous orders and invoices. Future orders can be processed faster and easier.

Our user account will make your shopping experience convenient and pleasant. 

As a mail order pharmacy, we are obliged by Austrian law to request the date of birth. 

Of course your data will be treated absolutely confidential and will not be sold to third parties. 

You will find detailed information on the subject of data protection in our privacy policy

Due to the legally required guarantee of pharmaceutical safety, the change of name in your customer account is not permitted. 

If you wish to change your name (marriage, divorce, etc.), please send us an e-mail to