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Potentiated vaccines

All about vaccination and prophylaxis

Due to the numerous inquiries around the topic of vaccination and prophylaxis that have been piling up since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to take a closer look at a few myths in this area.


Potentiated vaccines

Potentized vaccines are homeopathic remedies made from traditional medicine vaccines. We do not use the widespread name vaccine nosode, because on the one hand it is not a nosode (medicine from pathogenic or pathologically changed material), and the name gives the deceptive appearance that the medicine can be used for the purpose of vaccination.


What they can and cannot do

The idea of the potentized vaccine goes back to the Dutch homeopath Tinus Smits, who conjectured connections between autism and previous vaccinations. He subsequently developed CEASE-therapy, in which specially trained therapists use potentized vaccines in an attempt to treat the changes that occurred as a result of traditional medicine vaccination.

Based on this, these potentized vaccines are often used to accompany the conventional medical vaccination, so that undesirable side effects or long-term consequences do not occur in the first place.

Certainly, such a treatment does not eliminate the immunological effect of the vaccination, or the whole vaccination. One should rather think of it as treating the effects of the sometimes problematic additives (e.g. adjuvants such as aluminum salts or mercury-containing preservatives).

In the same way, a potentized vaccine is not an effective prophylaxis. To achieve a sufficient immune response, substance concentrations of antigen are necessary.



Nosodes are remedies made from pathogenic germs (e.g. bacteria), infectious material (e.g. sputum of flu patients in the case of Influenzinum nosode) or from pathologically altered tissue (e.g. Carcinosinum nosode from various tumor tissues or cells).

For many of these remedies a description of symptoms that qualify for the use of nosodes can be looked up in the Materia medica. For example, Influenzinum for flu or flu-like symptoms.

Basically, these remedies are intended for the treatment of diseases. There are documented cases where Hahnemann described prophylaxis with the remedy indicated for the treatment of the disease in healthy persons, who have stayed in an epidemic area. However, such application is intended only for a short period of time.

In no case a prophylactic effect for months or even years can be expected when taking e.g. the nosode comparable to a vaccination in conventional medicine. Such an effectiveness could not be proven with any study, which is why we urgently point out that nobody should renounce a proven vaccination in favor of an unproven homeopathic prophylaxis.


Potentiated allopathic remedies

We also have a variety of pharmaceutical agents in potentized form in our assortment. These remedies are only suitable for the treatment of side effects or to support the discontinuation of conventional medical treatment. These applications must always be discussed with the prescribing physician.

For example, it is not possible to replace a prescribed antibiotic or psychotropic drug with the potentized active ingredient. In these treatments, material quantities of the active ingredient are necessary to achieve the desired treatment success and these cannot be achieved with the potentized remedy.


What can be applied from this to the current pandemic:

We do not have a Covid-19 nosode available because we cannot process viruses in our laboratory.

To treat a Covid condition, a physician can certainly find appropriate remedies by repertorizing symptoms. Your homeopath is also the right contact for the appropriate remedy for prophylaxis. Here as well, no general statements can be made, since the symptoms in the various regions differ greatly in some cases (a recommendation from India does not necessarily fit Central Europe).

Also, we have not yet been able to potentiate any of the approved Covid vaccines. These vaccines are not commercially available, but are brought to the vaccination centers exclusively through government distribution systems.

With the current quite understandable concerns surrounding vaccination, we also recommend consulting with your homeopath. Depending on the expected side effects of the vaccine, various remedies can be considered to accompany the vaccination. Not only the long known Thuja, which was already used by Samuel Hahnemann to treat symptoms caused by the smallpox vaccination. Your homeopath can help you find a remedy that is right for you.


Please note that all three mentioned groups of medicines are not suitable for self-treatment, and their use must exclusively be under the supervision of an experienced therapist.



Author: Mag. pharm. B. Tell, Remedia