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What are nosodes?

Globules and dilutions from nosodes are homeopathic preparations whose raw materials come from pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) or material from sick persons or animals (e.g. blood, pus, secretions, etc.).

The word nosode comes from the greek word "nosos", which means "disease". The source material used to produce nosodes may contain components of the pathogens as well as metabolic products of the donor against this pathogen.

All source materials are sterilized and pathogens are killed off in accordance with the pharmacopoeia before they are homeopathically prepared, so that there is no risk of infection. Potencies from C 12 or D24 contain only the energetic information of the starting material, substance from the starting material is no longer present from these potencies.
The vitality of the diseased organism should be stimulated by the administration of a nosode and self-healing should be stimulated.


When to Use Nosodes

  • Based on a drug picture (e.g. tuberculin)
  • In the case of the corresponding, proven infectious disease
  • In the case of a disease with symptoms similar to those of infectious disease


Nosodes Application

This group of medicines must be in the hands of an experienced therapist, self-treatment is not recommended!
In our wide range of nosodes you can find a variety of drugs for the treatment of your patients.


Nosodes Dosage

Nosodes are often used in higher potencies and rare gifts. The therapist decides on the choice of the correct potency and its use.


What are sarcodes?

Sarcodes are obtained from (mostly) healthy human or animal organ tissue (e.g. lungs, heart).
In homeopathy, however, the distinction between a nosode and a sarcode is hardly considered and the term nosode is often used for both variants of this type of medicine.


Auto-nosodes - individually produced

Auto-nosodes are produced especially for one patient and the starting material comes from exactly this patient. The aim is to activate the self-healing powers of the body by taking auto-nosodes.
However, due to the applicable legal and hygienic requirements, we are not able to process patient material. We have listed these here only for the sake of completeness.

Drugs from Remedia

Drugs such as Medorrhinum, Luesinum or Tuberculinum, which are often used as constitutional remedies and for which extensive literature is available, are also found in our range of products, as are preparations of pathogens such as Diphterinum, Pertussinum or the EBV-Nosode (Epstein Barr Virus), which are often used for healing in the case of illness by prescription from a therapist.


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