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Production of Homeopathic Remedies

We prepare homoeopathic remedies in compliance with the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoea HAB 2018, Organon V and VI. We refer to the latter when preparing Q-potencies.

The reason why we use different sources of reference is the fact that it is impossible to prepare Hahnemann’s powerful and reliable acting remedies exclusive on the basis of the HAB 2018 since, among other things, it does not include any guideline in regards to fresh plant trituration.

Guideline 7 – preparation of triturations from liquid substances – is insufficient because it only deals with cases when triturations are prepared by applying the mother tincture or liquid medicinal substances (that is only alcoholic extracts) onto lactose and by mixing.

Thus, we apply the methods of the HAB 2018 to all single remedies registered according to the Pharmaceutical Law (i.e. OTC). For individual preparations of remedies upon prescription we use the Organon V and VI as well as Hahnemann’s Chronical Diseases.


Homeopathic Potencies

The dilution and succussion steps that are performed in the production of homeopathic remedies are called potentiation.The different potencies (lat. potens = strong, vigorous, effective) in homeopathy indicate the "degree of strength", the "concentration" of homeopathic remedies. Even if it sounds paradoxical, the effect of homeopathic remedies becomes stronger the more they are diluted.


Our range of products includes the following potencies: 

Range up to Type Method Source of reference
D-potencies D200 Glob/Dil. by hand/multiple flask HAB 2018
C-Potencies C200 Glob/Dil. by hand/multiple flask HAB 2018
LM-Potencies LM120 Glob/Dil. by hand HAB 2018
Q-Potencies Q30 Dil. by hand Organon 6
C200 Glob/Dil. by hand/multiple flask Organon 5
K-Potencies 50MK Glob machine-made/single flask Salvator Pharmacy
FC-Potencies FC100M Glob machine-made/single flask Salvator Pharmacy