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This decision is up to the therapist, depending on their prior experience with the respective potencies.

Trituration has a much higher energetic input – trituration for one hour as opposed to 10 times of shaking.

This was done for historical reasons. LM-potencies had already been included in the Pharmacopoeia before Hahnemann’s findings in his Organon 6 became known, which was published only later by Flury.

Until recently, the Pharmacopoeia did not know Hahnemann’s trituration of fresh plants.

Q-globules are too small for any direct administration and their effect is too strong. These special potencies are dissolved before being taken and always come with respective instructions.

This is the normal way of administration and therefore regarded as positive.

This depends on the therapist’s experience.

LM-Globules and Q-Globules are similar in regards to side effects.


Yes, after consultation with the therapist.

Yes, after consultation with the therapist.

No, please always consult a therapist before taking LM-globules.