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Homeopathy is an expansive and still growing science. There are always new remedies to discover and new methods to develop. The area of application widens all the time. Remedia Homeopathy works tirelessly on new developments and thrives to manufacture remedies of highest quality. 

Browse thru our website and get insights on our daily work. 

What is Homeopathy

"Similia similibus curantur - Like is cured by like": Fundamentals of homeopathy in short 

Homeopatic Remedies by Remedia

Custom made remedies, unique remedies and historical remedies: Remedia Homeopathy offers a wide range of homeopathic globules and dilutions.

Production of homeopathic medicines

C-Potency, D-Potency, Dilution - accomplished homeopaths use expressions which might confuse laymen. Learn more about the differences in potencies and how they are produced. 

Homeopathy Lexicon

Please find many homeopathic drug pictures and information related to the topic of homeopathy in our encyclopedia. 

Literary Archive

Collection of a number of interesting volumes of historic homeopathic literature