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LM-Remedy Kit I 1g 70 pcs

LM-Remedy Kit I 1g 70 pcs

After many requests from our customers, we are pleased to now offer a LM potency remedy kit.


The potency 50,000 remedies for this kit were carefully chosen according to statistical data gathered over many years and represent the most commonly used remedies at home and while traveling.

Direction for use

Unless otherwise prescribed by your homeopath, the globuli are best administered dissolved in water.

  • add 3 to 5 globuli to a glass of water
  • stir with a spoon until dissolved
  • drink at regular intervals throughout the day until the entire contents have been taken
  • Make a fresh solution each day.

Each remedy bottle contains 1 gram of size 1 globuli, adding up to 500 globuli or 100 to 170 administrations.

Recommended Cases:

You can find more cases in our equipment category.

incl. 10% VAT
Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
70 Remedies
Acidum arsenicosum LM 6
Acidum nitricum LM 6
Acidum oxalicum LM 6
Acidum silicicum LM 6
Aconitum napellus LM 6
Allium cepa LM 6
Aloe LM 6
Amanita muscaria LM 6
Anamirta cocculus LM 6
Apis mellifica LM 6
Argentum nitricum LM 6
Arnica montana LM 6
Atropa bella-donna LM 6
Bellis perennis LM 6
Berberis vulgaris LM 6
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