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Remedy Kit - Peter König 1g Version B 60 pcs

Remedy Kit - Peter König 1g Version B 60 pcs

This remedy kit by Peter König provides instant treatment for everyday medical issues that may arise in a household, both with or without children. The bigger remedy kit offers additional remedies specific for children's needs.

Recommended Cases:

You can find more cases in our equipment category.

The large remedy kit offers most homeopathic remedies when simple medical care at home is necessary.

incl. 10% VAT
Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
60 Remedies
Version B
24 Remedies
Acidum arsenicosum C 30
D 12
Acidum phosphoricum C 12
Aconitum napellus C 30
D 30
Allium cepa C 12
D 8
Anamirta cocculus C 12
D 12
Apis mellifica C 30
D 30
Arisaema triphyllum C 6
Arnica montana C 30
D 30
Atropa bella-donna C 30
D 12
Bellis perennis C 30
Berberis vulgaris C 12
Bryonia D 12
Bryonia alba C 12
Calendula officinalis C 30
Camphora C 12
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