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Remedy Kit - Peter Patzak 1g 40 pcs

Remedy Kit - Peter Patzak 1g 40 pcs

The home- and emergency kit by homeopath Peter Patzak, a specialist for acute symptoms and their treatments, contains remedies for treatment of the most frequent injuries such as falls, bruises, cuts, abrasions, foreign matter in the eye, insect bites, minor burns, upset stomach and more.

Spare yourself unnecessary doctor's appointments

Having a homeopathic home remedy kit allows you to treat injuries and symptoms quickly. It often saves the time and effort of a doctor's appointment. Attending a seminar covering the usage of homeopathic emergency remedies is advisable before using this kit.

Ready at hand

It is important to not just buy an emergency remedy kit but to keep it close at hand, such as in the kitchen, and bring it along on travels. We also recommend getting a second set for locations such as a babysitter's place or the grandparents' house and inform the caregivers about the correct use of the kit.

Long shelf life

Homeopathic remedies will keep their healing properties for multiple years if stored correctly (dry, away from light). This emergency kit is a great life's investment and will pay for itself.

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