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Nosodes Kit - Walter Glück 1g Version A 12 pcs

Nosodes Kit - Walter Glück 1g Version A 12 pcs

This Nosode-Kit is the result of Dr. Walter Glück´s experience of many years. This set contains the most often used Nosodes - a useful aid for many situations.

Version A and version B include each one half of the total number of remedies.

Version C includes all 24 remedies of this Nosode-Kit of Dr. Glück.

Recommended Cases:

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Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
12 Remedies
Version B
12 Remedies
Version C
24 Remedies
Anas barbariae cordis et hepatis C 200
C 200
Borrelia Nos. C 200
C 200
Botulismus Nos. C 200
C 200
Cholera Nos. C 200
C 200
Diphterinum Nos. C 200
C 200
Epstein Barr Nos. C 200
C 200
FSME Vacc. 2 C 200
C 200
Hepatitis A Impfstoff, passiv C 200
C 200
Herpes simplex Nos. C 200
C 200
Katarrhalische Mischflora Nos. D 200
D 200
Malandrinum Nos. C 200
C 200
MKS Nos. C 200
C 200
Morbillinum Nos. C 200
C 200
Parotidinum C 200
C 200
Pertussinum C 200
C 200
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