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Equid-set, Remedy Kit for Horses 1g 69 pcs

Equid-set, Remedy Kit for Horses 1g 69 pcs

A homeopathic remedy kit for stables is a sensible investment. Remedies are always at hand when needed and help can be administered quickly and efficiently.

The most important emergency remedies

Our decades-long experience with manufacturing homeopathic remedies has influenced the assortment of this remedy set for equines. It contains either 69 or 99 remedies in C30 potency.

This set is ideal for

  • first aid in emergencies
  • acute illnesses
  • injuries
  • all situations that necessitate quick treatment

Remedia's familiar high quality

Our remedies stay effective even after long periods of time. Due to the small dosage of 5 globules needed even for horses they are very economical. Administering the small globules usually is a breeze since the sweet taste appeals to horses. Both putting the globules directly onto the horse's gums or applying them to a piece of apple or carrot work well. To make sure the package doesn't spill we recommend taking out the appropriate dose and putting away the tube before treating the animal.

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Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
69 Remedies
Version B
99 Remedies
Achillea millefolium C 30
C 30
Acidum arsenicosum C 30
C 30
Acidum hydrofluoricum C 30
Acidum nitricum C 30
Acidum silicicum C 30
C 30
Aconitum napellus C 30
C 30
Aluminium oxydatum C 30
C 30
Amanita muscaria C 30
C 30
Ambra C 30
Ammonium bromatum C 30
C 30
Ammonium carbonicum C 30
C 30
Ammonium chloratum C 30
C 30
Ammonium jodatum C 30
C 30
Apis mellifica C 30
C 30
Aralia racemosa C 30
C 30