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Practical Experience F-Potencies

Practical Experience with F-Potencies

Comparison C-Potencies versus F-Potencies

The FC500 potency equals approximately a potency of C30 (this is interesting as the starting potency itself is C30 after which 7x 500 drops of water are added). The FC1M potencies strength lie between a C30 and a C200. FC10M works more weakly than a C200 potency, and a FC50M also cannot quite reach the strength of a C1000 or a MK potency. The minimal effectiveness is usually shorter as with C and K potencies (mostly only 3-4 weeks).


Follow up after C-Potency or K-Potency

The FC50M potency has proven to be highly effective as a follow up therapie to an M or even XM potency (although these actually are not as strong, this however should not prove irritating, as Hahnemann himself worked with declining potencies for many years, it is only since Kent has worked with potencies of increasing strength that a strict regime has been established). It is similar for the FC100M potencies whose strength may appear to be weaker than an XM, but are still very successful in their use as a follow up. Therefore,they can be well deployed when a LMK or CMK potency does not want to be applied. It should also be stated, that not every manufacturer makes it transparent if the CM potencies he offers are created using the Korsakoff or Fluxion method. On asking for a clarification of these details, one often comes up against a wall of silence.


Repeating the Dosage

Like other high potencies, a dosage is usually taken just once. As soon as the effect of this dosage ends, it is repeated. Hereby once again the attention must be drawn to the fact, that the time of effectiveness seems to be somewhat shorter than with the C and K potencies, this can be measured by observing the time when the patient is ordered back for re-evaluation (chronic cases at first come back after 4 weeks, and not after 5-6 weeks, as with the C and K potencies).


Frequent Dosage with Specific Symptoms

As Dr. Dietmar Payrhuber from Salzburg observed by patients suffering from cancer, the use of Fluxion method potencies can be repeated more often than usual without any negative side effects. Therefore he recommends a dosage of FC1M every 2 days when treating for cancer. This method has also proven to be successful in my practice, with no sign of an overdose.

Dr Anton Rohrer from Großlobming reports the case of a patient with "thrombophlebitis" which reached from the ankle to the groin and caused intensive pain. He treated the patient with great success, using Hamamelis FC1M, 3-4 times daily over a period of several weeks. The pain disappeared each time, 10 minutes after the globuli had been consumed, and only reappeared after several hours had passed. Therefore it was indicated that a repetition of the process was necessary. After a time span of 4 weeks it was no longer necessary to use a follow up medicine as he patient had been fully healed. In the next 6 years there was no regression reported.

Seemingly, it is precisely this FC1M potency hat can be used repeatedly in cases of chronic illness.

At the moment I have no experience if the same can be said of the higher potentised fluxion method medicines.


Dr. Reinhard Flick, 1070 Wien, Neustiftg. 64