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vom Muh zum Ohm

vom Muh zum Ohm

Diese Muh-CD ist etwas Besonderes.

Die CD ist

  • einfach,
  • authentisch,
  • stimulierend und
  • wie vieles im Leben zufällig entstanden.

Aufgenommen am 7.September 2002 bei Neumond im Kuhstall der Peer Alm in Navis/Tirol-Tuxer Alpen, Seehöhe 1700m.

Audio Sample:

Audio Sample of "Vom Muh zum Ohm":

Medidation in a cow house

Put the CD in your CD Player and say out loud: muh!


Have a great laugh and cozy up on a soft surface. Even better would be a pile of straw or autum leafs. Look north!

This medidaten works even better in a group-setting - max. 77 participates.

Breathe - at least 10 minutes - inhale deep through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

Say three times "muh" and three times "ohm".

Laugh on the inside - that's important!

If you can think the "muh" and "ohm", you don't have to say them out loud.

Try to find a rhytm with the group - just wonderful!

Lough on the inside - very important!

You love cows and cows love you - continue!

Say seven times "muh" and seven times "ohm".

Repeat this each day for 22 minutes and you will laugh more often!

Enjoy. ;-)

incl. 20% VAT