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South African Plant Experiences

South African Plant Experiences

„South African Plant Experiences“ by Martin Jakob is an exciting report of a discovery journey in South Africa. It gives one an idea of the process of remedy discoveries and shows all the aspects of sense provings.

Jan Scholten’s groundbreaking book “Wonderful Plants” and his seminar of trituration-provings in South Africa motivated Martin Jakob to extend the stay. He wanted to fill the blank spots on the map of the plant system by Jan Scholten with endemic plants of South Africa.

8 plants from the order of Aspargales were proven. They are all assigned in the phase 5 of the Liliidae in the plant system.

Martin Jakob writes: “I want to show in this book what one can comprehend and understand with the plant system. Especially with phase and subphase, what a range of human feelings and reaction patterns one can handle, as a homeopath, and how this plant system makes remedy-provings clearer. This system brings us a step closer to the basis of homeopathy, the “law of similarities” and thus the healing of ourselves and our patients.”

100 Seiten, kart., ISBN 978-30-0047-333-3

incl. 10% VAT