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Remedy Kit for Midwives 1g 30 pcs

Remedy Kit for Midwives 1g 30 pcs

Homeopathy has become an integral part of modern obstetrics. This basic kit meets the requirements of midwives and should be part of any midwife`s suitcase.

Natural treatment of mother and child

Nowadays, pregnant women are well-informed and often reluctant to take drugs that may harm their organism or that of their babies. They often ask for naturopathic alternatives when it comes to illnesses. Homeopathy is regarded as the most popular form of treatment.

Immediate help when the midwife is on her own

A midwife often deals with problems on her own and sometimes ends up in a situation where only homeopathy can provide relief. Indications range from anemia, leg cramps, hemorrhage during pregnancy, contraction problems, loss of hair, depression, and impaired wound healing, to plugged milk ducts and breastfeeding problems. Homeopathic remedies can also help newborns with flatulence, neonatal jaundice or general unrest.

Recommended by an experienced midwife

This kit for midwives is recommended by Dr. Bitschnau, an experienced homeopath in the field of gynecology and obstetrics in Vienna. She has been providing homeopathic training sessions for midwives since 1999.

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