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König Aurum

König Aurum

"King Aurum" is a wonderful homoeopathic fairy tale for kids and adults. The paediatrician and homoeopath Dr. Katalin Kürti describes and explains the world of homoeopathy.

Who helps crying Queen Pulsatilla and how can you best comfort poor Lady Gelsemium? And how to help stressed King Aurum to get rid of his splitting headache?

With each story Katalin Kürti introduces another member of King Aurum's court. The fairy tale of homoeopathy and healing is lovingly illustrated.

"King Aurum" shows in particular how important it is for the success of homoeopathy to know and understand the physical as well as mental characteristics of a patient.

Language: German

36 pages, bound, ISBN 978-3-2000-3331-3

exkl. VAT