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Jungle Camp for Homeopaths - DVD

Jungle Camp for Homeopaths - DVD

In July 2012 Robert Müntz starts on his 11th Amazon expedition.
His goal is bringing home the venom of the "bushmaster", the most venomous snake of south america.

The Austrian pharmacist is no adventurer. He takes his expeditions into the most remote regions of our planet for new raw materials of plants and animals to find, create new remedies for homeopathy of them.

On this 11th expedition into the deep Amazon jungle of Peru, Robert Müntz is accompanied by Vanda Csontos, the head of his laboratory, Peter Feurstein, a very close friend and Dr. Jan Scholten, a dutch homeopath, who is working for 10 years on plants and their importance for homeopathy.

Be part of this jungle adventure and meet together with the researchers spiders, snakes and the most poisonous ants of the world, the giant hunting ants.

Runtime: 90 minutes.

incl. 20% VAT