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Holzbock, gemeiner

Holzbock, gemeiner

Main Name: Ixodes ricinus
Synonym: Castor bean tick, Holzbock, gemeiner, Ixodes, rote Zecke, Schildzecke, Sheep tick, Zecke

Holzbock, gemeiner Info

Main group



Ixodidae - Zecken

incl. 10% VAT
Ixodes ricinus C30 Globuli
C HAB 2018
Globuli (Pills)
Dilution (liquid)
C Korsakoff
Globuli (Pills)
Potenzen Globuli (Pills) Dilution (liquid)
C HAB 2018
Ixodes ricinus C15 Globuli Dilution
Ixodes ricinus C30 Globuli Dilution
Ixodes ricinus C60 Globuli Dilution
Ixodes ricinus C100 Globuli Dilution
Ixodes ricinus C200 Globuli Dilution
C Korsakoff
Ixodes ricinus 1MK Globuli
Ixodes ricinus 10MK Globuli
Ixodes ricinus 50MK Globuli
Ixodes ricinus 100MK Globuli