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Bio-Sun Leather-Case B-032 for 32 pcs glass vials 1.5 ml, black

Bio-Sun Leather-Case B-032 for 32 pcs glass vials 1.5 ml, black

  • Designed to hold 32 vials (1.5 gr)
  • Leather insert protects the vials
  • Free of metal and plastic
  • Incl. first-aid guide
  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 3 cm
  • incl. first aid booklet (language: German) describing the 60 most important remedies and their indications. (Offer valid while stocks last)

Matching vials for this case are available in our online shop.

Sun Leather is handmade in the Bavarian Alps. The naturally tanned texture of the leather offers a variety of beautiful shades and hues. The special scent makes it a product of unique quality. Sun leather darkens slightly under the influence of light and use until its patina has closed. The character of the leather and quality workmanship make the wallet your constant companion in the years to come.

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