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Bach Flower Ainsworths Nr. 08 Chicory 10 ml

Bach Flower Ainsworths Nr. 08 Chicory 10 ml

  • Love and care for families and friends, but expecting to receive love and attention in return, with interest
  • To feel slighted and unnecessarily hurt if one doesn't get the reciprocation they expect.
  • To hold onto loved ones and try to keep them dependent and close to hand.
  • Tendency to be over-full of care for children, relatives, friends, always finding something that should be put right.
  • Continually correcting what one considers wrong, and enjoy doing so.
  • The desire that those for whom one cares should be near them.

This remedy helps bring out the positive side of Chicory: love given unconditionally and in freedom.

The bach flower principle was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a famous Homeopathic doctor in 1930. His goal was to create a method of treating all states of mind in the simplest fashion available, using natural medicine and making this method available to everyone.

The method was discovered by accident. Whilst visiting the surrounding countryside Dr. Bach stayed in the vicinity of certain plants and trees to see if and how they influenced his mood. He found out that more than 38 plant species carry the necessary information within them to influence certain archetypical emotional conditions.

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