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X-Rays - Homeopathic Drug Picture

Mind and Disposition

  • Mental irritability.
  • Clearing up of mental function after sharp stabbing pain in left temple staggering him, the heart felling the impulse immediately.
  • Mental processes not clear, writes wrong words in letters.
  • Mental condition upset during profuse menstruation would like to kill somebody.



  • Sleepy with headache.
  • Headache gradually extending to frontal region, worse in center of forehead.
  • Sense of pressure in center of forehead.
  • Dull headache in morning, worse when stooping and after rising.
  • Headache all soreness, worse toward afternoon.
  • Head feels empty as though scraped, worse at night in bed.
  • Pain in right side of head above temple.
  • Sharp stabbing in left temple, followed by clearing up mental function, the heart immediately feeling the impulse.
  • Sense of pressive fullness starting from posterior prominence of vertex in a central straight line to bridge of nose, followed by fullness in entire vertex extending to bridge of nose.
  • Aggravation of fullness over vertex, worse along the center to nose and when stooping over.
  • Aching on top of head across a long coronal suture on blowing nose and after it.
  • Constant ache in vertex, worse on awaking also on coughing sneezing, or head low.
  • Heavy pressure on vertex as from a hand (old symptom, absent a year).
  • Sticking pains in different parts of head and face.
  • Cannot bear slightest touch though hard pressure relieves for an instant; >by walking the floor.
  • Pain > by lying on left side of face and body.
  • Pain in back of head > at times by message slightly, also by heat.
  • Neuralgic pains.



  • Stiffness on left side of neck, turning in bed.
  • Stiffness on right side of neck, with intense pain at night; occurs in paroxysms during the day > somewhat by hot applications.
  • Sudden "cricks" attack first side of neck, than the other < on getting cold turning the head nearly produces convulsions. Pains more severe behind the ears- the mastoid process.
  • Pain relived on keeping perfectly quiet; sometimes by gently motion.
  • Stinging contracting pain.



  • Eyeballs sore.



  • Fullness in ears, worse in right ear, worse by inserting finger.
  • Intermittent noise as of deep steam-whistle in left ear, and ringing in head. Ears more clear from ringing and dullness of hearing than for many years, an improvement lasting up to this day. Healing action.



  • Bloody mucus from the nose.
  • Sulphur -vapor sensation in throat and nose.
  • Congested sensation in head and nose as before coryza.



  • Slight electric current sensation in left side of tongue and face passing over and disappearing in right side of face.



  • Tongue dry, rough, sore and scraped.
  • Scraping pain in lateral incisor, aggravated by noises and jarring of cars.



  • Sulphur -vapor sensation in nose and throat.
  • Throat painful on swallowing.



  • Aversion to meat.
  • Appetite diminished.
  • Desire for sweets.
  • Most distress after midday and evening meal.
  • No hunger goes till he feels faint.
  • Can eat plenty but does not enjoy it.
  • More thirst than usual.
  • Thirst for cold drinks though nothing tastes good.
  • Bad taste in forenoon.
  • Bitter taste.


Nausea, Vomiting

  • Nausea and vomiting with profuse sweat after immense stool at 4 a.m., seven days after taking.



  • Abdomen distended with full feeling. (Pulsatilla, which a year ago helped for months a train of symptoms, had only very slight effect.)
  • Flatulence with ineffectual desire for stool.
  • Colicky pains in right lower abdomen, sometimes extending behind the hip, and retained urine.



  • Stools green, though normal in consistency.
  • On straining at stood a sore sensation in nates.
  • Ineffectual urging to stool, with flatulence.