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Valeriana - Case Study by Steve Olsen



Stomach and bowel problem (3). Hiatal hernia (2).

Abdominal swelling (3). Pain and pressure in the abdomen. Sore and bruised sensation (2). Pain from touching abdomen. Pain under rib cage. Sensitiveto pressure of bra. < tap water (steam distilled water is OK); < by stress of life.

Tear in stomach and esophagus, with infection and pus. (MD diagnosis) Burning and stinging in the wound area. (2) „Feels like an open wound. Stings and burns like an open cut.“ Tear has been there for five years. < lifting things, even a cup. Often uses left hand. „In the past I lifted too much, before my son died.“ > bland foods, natural soups.

Can’t digest food: swelling, bloating, pain. (2) Food comes out undigested in stool, „I haven’t used my stomach for years, since it started to hurt.“ Gets burning reflux (2) in her esophagus when she lifts things.

Sexually abused by an uncle when she was two years old. He went to jail.

Bowel problems – constipation started at age two. Had an inverted bowel at age five; couldn’t empty her bowel, and her bladder was also blocked, with blood in urine. „Never the same since.“ Chronic severe constipation throughout her life; long periods of constipation (2).

Sensitive to milk as a baby and still is now. (2) Used to vomit milk as a baby. Sensitive to spicy foods (2), causes burning sensation. Sensitive to sugar (1) and meat (2); nausea after eating meat.

Used to have chronic hepatitis, off and on. (2) With nausea, jaundice, strong urine, sleeplessness, lack of appetite. Doctors say her liver is OK now.

After birth: bleeding umbilicus. Nervous breakdown when eight years old. Cried a lot. Got along well with parents. House burned down when seven years old. Couldn’t stop crying. „Brothers hit me to make me stop crying.“
Had four children, one died. Daughter born with a heart deformity. Another son had epilepsy from an injury; died when 28 years old. Son tried to kill himself at nine years old. Was first married in 1967, left husband in 1981.
„He was abusive to me and my children. No time for myself, only for my children.“ „I felt my husband took my identity as a good parent.“ Remarried 12 years ago.

Thirsty all the time, prefers cool drinks. Later said she is not thirsty. Stomach pain < hot drinks and also cold drinks. Agg. by alcohol (2), which causes nausea and stomach aggravation.

Patient says she is, reliable, logical. Courageous. Optimistic. Open-minded. Good memory for the past. Likes to help others. „I have to help people if they need me. I’m always thinking of others, never myself.“
Not angered easily; if pushed, then gets angry. Loves thunderstorms. No fears. Homesick easily, since father died when she was 15. Worries easily about her family, if people will be OK. Doesn’t socialize a lot. More of a loner all her life. One or two good friends. „I needed to be with my kids.“
„I need my sister, but my sister became withdrawn from being molested.“
Overprotective of her children.

Likes to be busy (2); easily bored. If not busy during day, will toss about in bed with restlessness. > occupation, hikes, walks, climbing.

Ear problems all my life; middle ear. Repeated infections. (2) Ears sensitive to cold air. (1) Used to have hearing problems.

Easily chilled. (2)

Sensation of a thread hanging down throat. (2) „Had it for years and years, as if it’s caught or stuck there.“ Delusion that she could smell flowers or smoke. Nose sensitive to odors. (1)

Had a hysterectomy because of infections in the ovaries and uterus. Initially a partial hysterectomy; uterus only. Then a full hysterectomy, with the removal of a large tumor.
Used to have cramps with menses. After blood transfusion with hysterectomy, she had a lot of new cravings. Couldn’t sleep at night, wanted to go dancing. Personality changes. Confusion of identity. (1)

Sensation of nausea in throat when she feels sick. Feels hunger with nausea.

Migraines years ago, not now; < standing up fast. Sensation of pressure in throat and head. Sensation that her eyes will pop out (from pressure).

Convulsive sneezing. „When I sneeze, for 2 to 3 minutes afterwards, there is a spasm in my diaphragm, esophagus, and stomach. I can feel all my tender organs (2): right lung, stomach, intestines.“

Chokes easily. (2) Convulsions in diaphragm from swallowing the wrong way, i.e. seizure on the inside.

Didn’t sweat for years. Then took a parasite cleanse and started to sweat. Feels weak when she sweats (2).

Often feels as if intoxicated. Mind not working. (2) Sometimes has a clear mind, lots of ideas, especially during the day.
Nervous affect (3). Talks a lot, changes subject often, gives irrelevant information. (2)

Note: she seems very excitable, can’t stay on one idea for more than a few seconds. Very talkative, intense in her explanation of her symptoms.

Moods very changeable and extreme. Can change several times a day, even hourly. Can be extremely sad, or angry, with shouting, arguments. Used to yell at him every day, or yell at her children. Some mornings she would wake up scowling or crying. Couldn’t reason with her. Sometimes she would yank his hair and shout at him, and he’d leave for a few days until she was calmer. Extremely difficult to live with. She can’t focus on one subject.

Plan: Valeriana 30 - one dose every 4 to 7 days as needed.


FIRST FOLLOW-UP VISIT – March 18, 1999 (4.5 months after first visit)

„On Day 1 after taking remedy, I felt relief. On Day 3, I felt immense relief. By the third dose, I felt totally renewed. Now I feel so far ahead with the remedy“.

Can eat now. Less abdominal swelling. Still some pain in abdomen and heartburn in esophagus. Able to lift things, but feels pressure when lifting. (i.e. symptoms returning a bit.) No burning reflux for a long time; now coming back a little.

„I feel I absorb the food better overall.“ Gained some weight. Easier to digest food since the remedy, i.e. stool has no whole food now.

Can tolerate spicy foods a bit better. Cabbage, onion, garlic, cheese – all OK now. Still agg. by sugar. Still has an aversion to meat, with a „bad feeling in stomach“ after she eats it. Not as thirsty now.

Has had problems with parasites: gassy, diarrhea. Sensation of a balloon in stomach; that someone is blowing it up.

Still gets some cramps in stomach and intestines, agg. by food, burning sensation 2 or 3 times a day. Still a little tender in stomach from warm drinks. Still tender in organs.

Ears keep plugging up. Pain in left ear. Still chilly easily. At times, still has the thread sensation in throat. Nausea sensation in throat has returned; it was better after starting the remedy. No migraines. All the small headaches are better < smell of food, bad odors. No more choking. No more palpitations or tightness in chest.

„I am more solid. My mind is clear. I feel more calm.“ Sometimes still has the feeling as if intoxicated. Able to read and remember what she reads now; in the past it would not stay in her head. Mentally stronger. Able to make decisions now. Able to cope with stress in family. Doesn’t have to be so busy now. Not so restless, less need to do everything today. „Before I couldn’t sit down - I had to be busy all the time.“ Sleeps much better now; no more tossing with restlessness now.

Able to stay on the subject better now.

„I can recognize the problems that I had in the past. In a way, I never thought I existed. I lacked trust in people.“

Husbands report: Now she has up to 4 good mood days in a row, not so angry, calmer. She can focus on one subject now a lot better.

Assessment: Correct remedy.
Plan: Continue with remedy as needed.


SECOND FOLLOW-UP VISIT – April 29, 1999 (6 weeks later)

Feels better and has more energy. Mind is clear. Feels like her mind is waking up now. Feels better about herself. Before she felt tight and tense all the time; starting to relax now. Feels less stressed, more relaxed.

Sleeping better. Chronic sinus problems better. Ears are better; can hear better now. Has a lot of wax running out of her ears now; doesn’t remember having had any wax for years. Ears feel itchy. Less pressure in the head. Sensation that her eyes would pop out is better now.

Feels hungry now; before she used to feel full and bloated all the time. Has gained some weight. Experienced two days of stomach twitching (April 18,19). Has had a return of the pain and pressure under the rib cage for 2 days recently, and burning reflux again (has been off remedy for two
weeks). Overall less stinging in stomach. Used to have severe constipation, no problems now. Nausea has stopped. Abdomen still a bit tender but better than before. Had a glass of wine; no aggravation.

No more choking. No more sensation of a thread in the throat.

Fog in head is better. Able to write and read a bit now. Before, she wasn’t able to do either. Still hard to comprehend when she reads.

„I am starting to wake up now. I was asleep all my life. Now I’m starting to see things about my life.“ Resented that her mother was closed. „I became resentful and angry. I used to avoid people. I was in a shell. I kept everything to myself. „ Less bitter and hurt now. „I used to feel alone, alienated.“ Quiet depression; kept it to herself. Suicidal feelings at times in the past.

Seems much calmer. Still changes subject, but not as much as before.

Steve Olsen CCH - has been practicing for the past eleven years. He originally studied with George Vithoulkas. His book, Trees and Plants is comprised of five new provings with cured cases and summary of each remedy.



About the author: Steven Olsen was born in South Africa in 1957. Dr. Steven R. Olsen graduated from Bastyr University in 1987 with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. In 1989, he went on to complete a further year of study, specializing in homeopathy and received a diploma (DHANP) from the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Since starting to practice in 1987 Olsen has practiced full time, seeing many thousands of patients get well from difficult problems and complex chronic diseases. He enjoy teaching at various Naturopathic medical schools and homeopathic conferences.