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Murex Purpurea

Murex Purpurea -
Homeopathic Drug Picture

Mind and Disposition.
Weakness of memory, and difficulty of connecting words.

Headache in the morning on waking, going off after rising.

Cramp pains behind the ears.

Coldness of the nose all day.

Burning of the right cheek towards evening, and of the left cheek early in the morning.

Urinary Organs.
Frequent desire to urinate, urine colorless.
Urine smells almost like Valerian, forms a white sediment after urinating, discharge of mucus.
Discharge of some blood in urinating.

Sexual Organs.
Violent excitement in the sexual organs, and excessive desire for an embrace; excited by the least contact of the parts.
Feeling of dryness and constriction of the uterus.
Beating in the uterus.
Sore pain in the uterus, as if out by a sharp instrument.
Violent pain in the right side of the uterus, extend through the abdomen to the chest.
Feeling of heaviness in the vagina during the colic.
Feeling of heaviness and enlargement of the labia majora.
Menstruation too profuse -hæmorrhages.
During the profuse menstruation, sensation of constriction at the uterus.
Bloody leucorrhœa, during stool.
Violent pains, acute stitches in the mammæ.
Leucorrhœa ; watery, greenish, thick, bloody.

Respiratory Organs.
Altered voice ; hoarseness.
Wheezing in the chest, when breathing in the evening.
Pain in the chest as if bruised.
Palpitation of the heart, and throbbing in the carotids.

Upper. Pain in the forearm below the elbow.
Heat in the hands.
Lower. Pain (burning, as if sore) in the loins.
Pains in the hips and loins when lying in bed.
Great weakness and weariness in the lower limbs.
Weariness and contused sensation in the thighs.


Source: Adolf zur Lippe, Materia Medica, 1854