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Pontius Kit 101 pcs

Pontius Kit 101 pcs

Pontius-Set - your homoeopathic travel kit

The Pontius Set is the perfect companion for those who don't like to make do without homoeopathy when travelling or doing sports.

In case of accidents and injuries as well as an upset stomach, animal bites, and even sea sickness homoeopathic remedies are the ideal choice.

With the Pontius Set, which comes in a beautiful leather case, you are well-prepared for any medical emergency.

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Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
101 Remedies
Acidum arsenicosum C 200
Acidum carbolicum C 200
Acidum oxalicum C 200
Acidum silicicum C 30
Aconitum napellus C 200
C 30
Aloe C 30
Alstonia scholaris C 30
Amanita muscaria C 200
Anamirta cocculus C 30
Anas barbariae cordis et hepatis C 200
Apis mellifica C 30
C 30
Arnica montana C 200
C 30
C 30
Arsenum iodatum C 200
Atrax robustus C 30
Atropa bella-donna C 200
C 30
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