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Ekayan von Dr. Bhawisha Joshi, Dr. Shachindra Joshi und Dr. Jan Scholten



A book on the Ekayan seminar held in Mumbai from January 20-22, 2017

Quotes from the book

Dr. Jan Scholten

I have a rule, in an unknown case, we have to prescribe an unknown remedy; that's the law of Similars.

I adhere to it. So when the law says Similimum will cure, then my conclusion is that when the law is really correct and when you cannot cure, you haven't come to Similimum.Dr. Joshis

“New ways of understanding the patients is the need of the hour. We are not the same we were 200 years ago, when homeopathy was found."

Highlights of the book

  • Overview of the plant table by Jan Scholten
  • Joshis’ Map of remedies (mineral, plant and animal remedies on one grid)
  • Dialogue between the genius Jan Scholten and the dynamic duo on plant theory
  • Simplified  explanation of Jan Scholten’s plant theory
  • Cases and plant remedies of Materia medica – common and rare
  • Cases of mammal remedies – Lac lox, Lac rhesus, Panthera tigris, Lac caninum, Lac equinum, etc.                                       
  • Ekayan Seminar -  For the first time in the history of Homeopathy – A systematic Map of plant, mineral and animal remedies on one grid!
  • Plants remedies with the genius Jan Scholten & Animal remedies with the dynamic duo Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi
  • All in a 288 page book with a colour chart at the end
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