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Caroll Dunham Kit 1g 129 pcs

Caroll Dunham Kit 1g 129 pcs

Dr. Caroll Dunham, born 1828, developed his remedies after successfully treating his own ailments. His high potencies were produced mechanically and enjoy an excellent reputation for their strong impact on the patient. Due to this they were highly popular until the mid-40ies.

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Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
129 Remedies
Acidum arsenicosum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum hydrochloricum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum hydrofluoricum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum nitricum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum phosphoricum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum silicicum (Dunham) C3 200
Acidum sulfuricum (Dunham) C3 200
Aconitum (Dunham) C3 200
Aethusa (Dunham) C3 200
Agaricus (Dunham) C3 200
Alumina (Dunham) C3 200
Ammoniacum (Dunham) C3 200
Ammonium carbonicum (Dunham) C3 200
Anthrakokali (Dunham) C3 200
Argentum metallicum (Dunham) C3 200
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